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We combine competitive intelligence analyses, clinical strategy and business development advices to help you translate your science into improved healthcare.

Accretio Management Life Science Consultant

We help you solve typical challenges

You want to
  • Grasp the key developments that will likely change the standard of care for specific indications and identify those that could challenge your portfolio.
  • Find the ideal compound to study in combination with your lead asset or select the best target to pursue with your platform technology
  • Identify and prioritize the indications where your compound will fill a medical need, taking into account multiple parameters such as the target specificity, mechanism of action, and competition level.
  • Be quickly informed about important data presented at scientific/medical conferences and receive incisive analyses highlighting their implications on the competitive landscape.
  • Define which assets could be in-licensed to strenghten the overall probability of success of your portfolio.
  • Comfort or challenge your clinical and business development strategies with an external analysis.
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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive landscape analyses and surveillance
> We assess existing competitive landscape in scientific/medical areas of interest. Our incisive analyses are focussed on our client’s interests and integrated into the global competitive landscape.

Conference coverage
> We monitor ongoing developments and data being presented at scientific and medical conferences to help management teams maintain a real-time updated view of the competitive environment.

Assets evaluations
> We perform detailed scientific and clinical evaluations of competing assets and technologies to inform management teams on expected and potential changes to the competitive landscape.

Accretio Management sciences consulting
Clinical Development

Clinical Development

Standard of care and unmet needs
> We inform you about the current standard of care (US and EU) and current unmet needs.

Clinical Opportunity Assessment and Indication Prioritization
> We advise you on clinical indications based on relevant criteria, such as your target expression, mechanism of action, probability of success, level of competition, market potential, etc.

Patient population selection and lines of treatment
> We identify the eligible patient population the most susceptible to benefit from your compound.

Biomarker strategy
> We identify and discuss the most relevant biomarkers to use in your studies.

Potential combination trials
> We advise you on potential combinations with existing SOC and/or promising (pre)clinical-stage compounds.

Accretio business development
Business Development

Business Development

Novel programs and scientific development strategy
> We evaluate novel programs that could be pursued and/or in-licensed based on relevant criteria (e.g., level of competition, existing proof-of-concept) and discuss internal product development vs out-licensing models.

Strategic partners and collaborations
> We identify potential strategic and actionable partners and define products or targets of interest for development collaborations.

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We combine competitive intelligence analyses, clinical strategy and business development advice to help you translate your science into improved healthcare.